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True stories of Soviet serial killers by Robert Kalman

An ex-actor poses as a gas company worker to enter homes without suspicion. When the doors are closed, he strikes with a camping ax. A love-scorned man hunts and eats women when a “magical force” tells him that drinking blood from a body cleanses the soul. Fifty-two people lie gunned down by the Ukrainian Terminator in a horrific six month tour de force that wipes out entire families. The largest park in Moscow witnesses over sixty people slaughtered in a twisted game of chess.

Born to Kill in the USSR is an unflinching portrait of the serial killer through the Soviet and Post-Soviet era. Forty-five men and women’s unconscionable devolutions are documented against the political complexities and social reality of the largest country in the world.

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Tyurin Labutkin Chikatilo  Ionesyan Slivko Spesivtsev Gaidamachuk Yevseev  Gridin Kulik Tkach Dzhumagaliev Asratyan Komarov Gusakov Filipenko Serebryakov Raevskiy Mikhasevich Kukovkin  Nagiev Storozhenko Dudin Tretyakov Rogolev Fomin Pozdnyakov Fefilov Sukletin Tsyuman  Kuznetsov Semyonov Irtyshov Mukhankin Burtsev Nikolaev Onoprienko Ametisov Pavlenko Ryzhkov Golovkin Pichushkin Petrova 

Design and cover images 2013 (c) Robert Kalman, all other images courtesy of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR, Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Ministry of of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, serial-killers,ru.


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